Khamis, Saudi Arabia, Middle East

Aircraft Fuel Systems Technician – F-15 SA CMS Program

Job Description:

  • Advises on aircraft fuel systems removal, repair, and installation maintenance procedures and policies.
  • Diagnoses fuel system and component malfunctions.
  • Recommends corrective actions and resolves problems using technical publications and analytic techniques.
  • Performs maintenance on aircraft fuel tanks and cells. Removes access panels, and depuddle/ purges, repairs, and tests fuel tanks and cells. Performs entry and maintenance in confined spaces.
  • Removes, repairs, and replaces malfunctioning components.
  • Prepares aircraft surfaces, and applies sealants, adhesives, and associated chemicals.
  • Supervises, inspects, and evaluates aircraft fuel systems maintenance activities.
  • Cleans fuel cells and tanks, and inspects for foreign objects, corrosion, cell deterioration, and fungus.
  • Stores, handles, uses, and disposes of hazardous material and waste.
  • Initiates deficiency reports, maintenance analysis documents, technical data changes, and equipment records.
  • Records information on data collection forms and automated systems.
  • Required to remove foam from the F-15 fuel tanks using appropriate safety equipment, tech data, tools and chemicals.
  • Performs all other responsibilities assigned by Back Shop Supervisor

Minimum Requirement:

  • 7 years of experience (must be USAF 5 or 7 Level)

  • Location: Khamis, Saudi Arabia, Middle East
  • Categories: Aviation Maintenance
  • Contract Type: Full Time

Rob Webb

Contact Information
  • Call: (904) 264-0097
  • Fax: (904) 264-0230

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