Khamis, Saudi Arabia, Middle East

Aircraft Structural Maintenance Technician – F-15 SA CMS Program

Job Description:

  • Assembles structural parts and components to meet requirements for preserving structural integrity and low observable qualities.
  • Assesses damage to aircraft structural components and low observable coatings
  • Advises on structural and low observable repair, modification, and corrosion protection treatment with respect to original strength, weight, and contour to maintain structural and low observable integrity.
  • Ensures aircraft component balance is maintained.
  • Assembles repairs using special fasteners and adhesives.
  • Checks repairs for serviceability according to specifications and technical publications.
  • Manufactures jigs, fixtures, forms, and molds.
  • Paints aircraft, missiles, and support equipment (SE).
  • Identifies, removes, and treats corrosion using mechanical and chemical procedures.
  • Applies corrosion protective and low observable coatings.
  • Applies aircraft paint schemes and markings.
  • Uses metalworking equipment and tools to form, cut, bend, and fasten replacement or repair parts to damaged structures and components.
  • Fabricates, repairs, and assembles tubing and cable assemblies for aerospace weapon systems and SE.
  • Maintains and inspects tools and equipment.
  • Performs operator maintenance and service inspections on shop equipment and tools.
  • Ensures lockout and tag out procedures are accomplished prior to performing shop equipment maintenance.
  • Stores, handles, and disposes of hazardous waste and materials according to environmental standards.
  • Inspects structures and components and determines operational status. Interprets inspection findings, and determines corrective action adequacy.
  • Posts entries and maintains maintenance and inspection records
  • Recommends methods to improve equipment performance and maintenance procedures.
  • Uses automated maintenance systems. Inputs, validates, and analyzes data processed to automated systems.
  • Clears and closes out completed maintenance discrepancies in automated maintenance systems.
  • Performs all other duties assigned by Back Shop Supervisor

Minimum Requirement:

  • 7 years of experience (must be USAF 5 or 7 Level)

  • Location: Khamis, Saudi Arabia, Middle East
  • Categories: Aviation Maintenance
  • Contract Type: Full Time

Rob Webb

Contact Information
  • Call: (904) 264-0097
  • Fax: (904) 264-0230

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