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Aviation System Engineer / Project Manager – NextGen Air Transportation System

Position Overview

Help shape the Future of Aviation! This is an exciting and challenging position with the opportunity to lead improvements to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) National Airspace System (NAS), and to guide the development of emerging concepts for the FAA’s Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen).

The successful candidate will a have strong technical foundation, have knowledge of NAS operations, automation systems, and Air Traffic Management (ATM) concepts, and be able to quickly grasp new NextGen ATM concepts and apply them to successfully manage NextGen concept demonstration and evaluation projects. These projects prototype future ATM concepts in a laboratory environment, sometimes with Human-In-The-Loop (HITL) simulations or a live flight, in a Research & Development (R&D) environment to evaluate their technical feasibility and issues, potential benefits, and to further mature the concept.

Candidate will provide technical system engineering and life cycle program management support such as project strategic planning, budgeting and financial planning, schedule, and integration with other related programs. The candidate must coordinate with FAA leadership, stakeholders, program management offices, technical Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and vendors and partners to ensure that project activities and deliverables are properly scoped, defined, and delivered on schedule, and that technical and programmatic issues are avoided, mitigated, or addressed.

Essential Functions

• Apply understanding of existing and new NextGen ATM concepts, NAS operations, and functions and high-level architecture of NAS automation systems and work with SMEs to 1) assess the technical requirements, scope, 2) assess technical issues and their impacts on project execution, and 3) analyze them to identify solutions and coordinate with stakeholders to ensure their resolution.

• Coordinate with stakeholders, SMEs, team members, vendors to manage scope, expectations, messaging, and successful performance of activities of project. Prepare briefings and communicate with a variety of audiences, from technical teammates to high level FAA leadership.

• Critically assess ATM concepts and technologies against FAA goals and project objectives, scope, budget, and schedule to determine the best options and approach.

• Manage overall project deliverables, schedule, and financials. Develop Statements of Work (SOW), coordinate contracting processes.

• Develop program management plans, project resourcing, project life cycle budgets, cost estimates, and track financials. Develop and present Program Management Reviews (PMRs).

• Assess project risks and devise risk mitigation strategies and implement.

Required Qualifications

BS or higher in an engineering or equivalent technical field from a US accredited institution (FAA Air Traffic Controller experience can be substituted).

• 10+ years professional engineering experience (advanced degrees may be substituted).

• Prior experience working with aviation, FAA, or NextGen programs / projects.

• Strong knowledge of NAS systems (e.g. ERAM, ATOP, TBFM, TFMS) and advanced ATM concepts (e.g. TBO, Time-Based Metering, SWIM, DataComm), and ability to quickly grasp new concepts and technologies.

• Ability to work independently and within a team environment, be adaptable, and take on multiple roles.

• Experience with FAA project management support activities.

• Strong analytical skills and ability to critically assess technical and programmatic issues, and ability to understand big picture while also having attention to detail.

• Excellent written and communication skills.

• Strong Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint skills.

Desired Skills

• Good understanding of NAS Enterprise Architecture, NextGen Implementation Plan, and other FAA mission/vision artifacts, FAA AMS and the JRC process.

• Experience or knowledge of NextGen program lifecycle process, inclusive of project planning, tracking and budgeting process, and artifacts such as PLAs, RPDs, CIP.

• Experience with the NAS Enterprise Architecture, NextGen Implementation Plan, and other FAA mission/vision artifacts, and FAA AMS and the JRC lifecycle process.

  • Location: Confidential, United States
  • Categories: Engineer
  • Contract Type: Full Time

Mitch Maldonado

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