North Carolina, United States

Chief Inspector – 145 MRO

PLEASE NOTE: Please do not apply if you require visa sponsorship.  This position requires the candidate be able to work in the U.S. WITHOUT the need for visa sponsorship!  

This is a full time/direct hire position offering a competitive salary with full benefits package. 


Serves the Repair Station in the capacity of Chief Inspector and is responsible to the Accountable Manager for the management and execution of all quality control inspections.


  • Coordinate with the FAA’s local representative all activities that require the approval or acceptance of the Administrator including changes to the Operations Specifications and changes to the RSQCM and RSTM.
  • Coordinate the various inspection programs with other departments.
  • Coordinate with the Training Department in the training of personnel of the Inspection Department and the distribution of information of new inspection procedures and methods.
  • Recommend changes to inspection procedures and methods to improve the quality and economic efficiency of maintenance.
  • Coordinate with the Accountable Manager and Quality Assurance Manager when corrective actions are required to ensure comprehensive fixes are adequate to mitigate risk.
  • Ensure the inspector going off duty gives a detailed and accurate turnover to the inspector coming on duty to ensure proper completion of work in progress. Turnover will be given verbally and in writing using Form RS-206.
  • Ensure that a qualified inspector is available for each in progress function requiring inspection (installation, rigging, closing, etc.).
  • Compose and follow to completion all Service Difficulty Reports and Mechanical Interruption Summaries.
  • Supervise the selection of inspectors and temporary inspectors to the Inspection Department. This includes assigning and monitoring their duties.
  • Supervise, discipline, and release of personnel assigned to the Inspection Department.
  • Ensure that all inspections are properly performed on completed work. Ensure all maintenance records, reports, and forms are properly executed before approval for return to service.
  • Maintain a current file of applicable CFR, specifications, type certification data sheets, and airworthiness directives for aircraft, engines, propellers, and appliances list on the Repair Station Operations Specifications.
  • Determine that all technical data used in the overhaul or repair by the Repair Station are secured and kept current with the latest revision. This data will include the Repair Station’s process specification for limited rating specialized services, manufacturers’ overhaul manuals, service bulletins, part specifications, and related FAA approved data used by the Repair Station.
  • Ensure that periodic checks are made on all inspection tools and the calibration of precision test equipment used by the Repair Station. Ensure that a current record of those inspections and tests is maintained.
  • Ensure that no defective, unserviceable, or unairworthy parts are installed in any component or articles released by the Repair Station.
  • Submit reports of any serious failure, malfunction, or defeat of an article in accordance with 14 CFR 145.221.
  • Submit “Suspected Unapproved Parts Notification” Form 8120-11 to FAA as required.
  • Complete Form RS-210 and submit revised Capabilities List to the FAA via SharePoint.
  • Ensure the proper execution of FAA Form 337 when required and/or a maintenance release.
  • Accomplish the final acceptance of all incoming material, including new parts, supplies and the airworthiness of articles on which work has been performed outside the Repair Station by contract.
  • Ensure that the preliminary, hidden damage, in progress, and final inspection of all articles processed by the Repair Station have been accomplished and the results recorded as outlined in this manual.
  • Oversee the proper tagging and identification of all parts and components as outlined in the manual.
  • Ensure that all rejected and unserviceable parts are properly tagged and handled in such a manner as to prevent their reuse as serviceable parts.
  • Ensure that the files of completed work orders and inspection forms are maintained in such a manner that the file pertaining to a specific repaired item can be readily located for review.
  • Coordinate with the General Manager for the inspection requirements for off-site maintenance.
  • Administer the NDT Inspection Training Program.
  • Maintain the rosters of key management, supervisors, and inspection personnel.
  • Provide the final approval for any parts substitutions for a customer’s aircraft, engine, or component.
  • Ensure that the repair station retains required records for at least two (2) years from the date the aircraft was approved for return to service.
  • Perform other duties as delegated by the Accountable Manager.


Be certified under 14 CFR Part 65.

Must hold a current A&P

Have a minimum of 18 months of practical experience in the work being performed, or

Be trained in, or thoroughly familiar with, the methods, techniques, practices, aids, equipment, and tools used to perform the maintenance, preventative maintenance, or alterations.

  • Location: North Carolina, United States
  • Categories: Aviation Maintenance
  • Contract Type: Full Time

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