Nebraska, United States

Director of Maintenance (FAR 135)

PLEASE NOTE: This position requires that the candidate be able to work in the U.S. WITHOUT the need for sponsorship!

Position Summary:
The Director of Maintenance is responsible for the continuing airworthiness and reliability of the company’s fleet. This encompasses all aspects of the maintenance and reliability program development, planning, execution, and compliance. Additionally, this encompasses the maintenance contractor selection and oversight, inventory management and distribution, technical purchasing and directly liaising with the Federal Aviation Administration. The Director of Maintenance is also responsible for developing tools and processes to manage a large and diverse fleet in the most optimal and economical fashion.

Duties & Responsibilities:
The Director of Maintenance reports directly to the Vice President of Maintenance. The Director of Maintenance may delegate any of these duties, however the DOM cannot delegate responsibility.
• Work closely with the Vice President of Maintenance to establish a clear overall business and operating strategy for the technical operations department
• Plan, communicate and implement all maintenance programs required for the airline’s fleet in a manner consistent with corporate objectives
• Establish and control technical safety and airworthiness standards for the aircraft fleet and related maintenance test equipment and facilities, in conformance with best practices and
with the requirements set by the FAA
• Regularly identify, evaluate, and implement ways to improve aircraft reliability, cycle time, quality control and cost
• Ensure strict and timely compliance with all local and international regulatory requirements, as well as the company’s established policies and procedures
• Oversee all maintenance activity of the aircraft fleet, engines and components, as well as associated equipment, either on a direct, in-house basis or through approved third-party
• Coordinate with the Director of Operations regarding Company maintenance policies and procedures
• Ensure maintenance programs are followed during inspection and repair of aircraft and that CASS drives changes to the CAMP as and when required
• Maintain technical manuals and reference material in a current status
• Track the time life items on the Company aircraft and ensure that the audit of time life items is carried out under the CASS audit program.
• Maintain maintenance records to FAA regulations on all aircraft managed, owned, operated, or serviced in a manner acceptable to the local FSO
• Ensure that operations have a current availability status on all company owned and/or managed aircraft and that planned maintenance is optimized
• Ensure adequate maintenance and inspection facilities are available to meet requirements via data gathered from CASS audits of same.
• Ensure all maintenance personnel, vendors and contractors performing maintenance work on Company aircraft are covered by an approved Anti-Drug/Alcohol Abuse Program
• Ensure via the TRAXXALL Maintenance Tracking System, that limitations on MEL deferred items are tracked and that aircraft are not dispatched for trips when an MEL time limit (or other
required maintenance or inspection requirement) may be exceeded
• Conduct/oversee initial compliance inspections for all company operated 14CFR Part 135 aircraft
• Initiate requisitions for stock and material as required
• Develop and maintain the Emergency Equipment Inspection Program and the Avionics Inspection Program
• Develop and maintain the Company Approved Aircraft Inspection Programs, Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Programs and 100 hour/Annual programs as required
• Administer the Company Calibrated Tool Program
• Forecast upcoming maintenance activities with a focus on fleet optimization
• Serve as liaison when needed, between Company Aviation and customers, in regard to both current and future maintenance activities
• Provide maintenance cost projections for Company aircraft utilizing the Maintenance Managers in the field
• Conduct and support audits as described in CASS and the GMM when required
• File insurance claims related to aircraft damage & repair on Company aircraft
• Ensure the upkeep of all aircraft maintenance related equipment is carried out in accordance with manufacturer recommendations
• Coordinate work order administration, inventory & purchase order system and a review of invoicing at month end as required to ensure proper charges are applied to the owners’ accounts
• Obtain ferry flight permits as necessary
• Verify airworthiness on all flights conducted through the FOS system
• Obtain quotes as required for aircraft maintenance to be performed by outside vendors
• Conduct employee performance reviews of aircraft maintenance personnel
• Distribution, control & revision of the company General Maintenance Manual
• Enroll and maintain all Airframe, Avionics and engine warranty programs
• Ensure that indoctrination training of all new employees in the maintenance department is carried out and that such training is effective
• Conduct conformity inspections for addition of aircraft onto Company air carrier certificate
• Maintain and update FAA WebOPSS operations specifications D & E
• Maintain and update FOS data related to aircraft initial enrollment and data pertinent to airworthiness, registration, AFM status, weight & balance and avionics inspections
• Enrollment of aircraft in the TRAXXALL maintenance tracking system

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
• Knowledge of 14 CFR Part 91 & 135
• Knowledge of all aspects of aircraft maintenance
• Strong mechanical aptitude
• Strong interpersonal communication skills
• Competence in Microsoft Office Suite application
• Ability to effectively interact with all levels of the Company
• Excellent verbal and written skills
• Ability to travel as needed

Education and Work Experience:
• FAA Airframe, Powerplant & Inspection Authorization
• Five years experience maintaining 14 CFR Part 135 aircraft
• Meets the requirements of 14 CFR Part 119.71(e), or has a waiver from the FAA to serve in this position

  • Location: Nebraska, United States
  • Categories: Aviation Maintenance, Operations / Management
  • Contract Type: Full Time

Mitch Maldonado

Contact Information
  • Call: (904) 264-0097
  • Fax: (904) 264-0230

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