Khamis, Saudi Arabia, Middle East

F-15 Avionics (AIS) Test Station and Components Technician – F-15 SA CMS Program

Job Description:

  • Analyze performance and isolate malfunctions of avionics test equipment, SE, and aircraft components.
  • Perform operational tests on test equipment, SE, and aircraft components to determine condition, analyze performance, and isolate malfunctions in the radar, sensors, communications, weapons control, electronic warfare (EW), and flight control and engine control systems.
  • Traces logic, schematic, test flow, and wiring diagrams.
  • Use self-test and software functions, computer and manually operated avionics test equipment, SE, and test measurement and diagnostic equipment to determine the scope of repair and adjustment required. Inspect, maintain, program, and calibrate avionics equipment, SE, and aircraft components.
  • Remove and replace assembly components using hand tools, soldering devices, and electronic instruments.
  • Repair EW systems and pods, sensor systems and components, wiring harnesses and interconnecting cables.
  • Service, replace, and clean filtration and cooling components, and perform maintenance on test stations and avionics SE.
  • Repair amplifier and logic circuits; microwave equipment; servomechanisms; radio frequency circuits; video displays; and power supply circuits.
  • Load computer programs.
  • Align, calibrate, and modify avionics test equipment, SE, and aircraft components.
  • Manage integrated avionics activities and complies with directives, policies, and procedures.
  • Comply with maintenance standards.
  • Initiate deficiency reports, maintenance analysis documents, technical data changes, and equipment records.
  • Interpret, establish, and comply with training, security, and safety standards.
  • Ensure compliance with directives governing handling, use, and disposal of hazardous waste and material.
  • Records information on data collection forms and automated systems
  • Direct and control maintenance, calibration, and inspection of integrated avionics test stations and aircraft components.
  • Plan and organize integrated avionics activities.
  • Plan and organize integrated avionics equipment assembly, calibration, repair, modification, and maintenance activities.
  • Plan physical layout of facilities, and ensure SE and spare parts availability.
  • Perform all other duties assigned by the Back Shop Supervisor

Minimum Requirement:

  • 7 years of experience (must be USAF 5 or 7 Level)

  • Location: Khamis, Saudi Arabia, Middle East
  • Categories: Aviation Maintenance
  • Contract Type: Full Time

Rob Webb

Contact Information
  • Call: (904) 264-0097
  • Fax: (904) 264-0230

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