Khamis, Saudi Arabia, Middle East

F-15 Integrated Avionics Technician – F-15 SA CMS Program

Job Description:

  • Identify and isolate, F-15, integrated avionics systems malfunctions, and analyze performance.
  • Operate integrated avionics systems to determine operational condition.
  • Interpret equipment operation to isolate malfunctions in systems such as attack control, instrument, flight control, communications, navigation, APG 63 V3, JHMCS, VRAMS and penetration aids.
  • Trace data flow and wiring diagrams.
  • Use built-in test functions, electronic measuring equipment, support aerospace ground equipment (AGE), and hand tools.
  • Monitor equipment performance & detect and analyze malfunctions
  • Remove, install, align, and check integrated avionics systems as well as remove and install line replaceable units, and align systems.
  • Operationally check externally mounted avionics equipment.
  • Bore sights systems and perform intermediate or organizational maintenance level modifications.
  • Inspect integrated avionics systems, post entries, and maintain inspection and maintenance records.
  • Inspect avionics systems and determine operational status.
  • Interpret inspection findings, and determine corrective action adequacy. Review maintenance management publications and procedures to obtain avionics systems information.
  • Recommend methods to improve equipment performance and maintenance procedures.
  • Use automated maintenance systems.
  • Input, validate, and analyze data processed to automated systems.
  • Clear and close out completed maintenance discrepancies in automated maintenance systems.
  • Perform all other duties assigned by Specialist Supervisor.

Minimum Requirement:

  • 7 years of experience (must be USAF 5 or 7 Level)

  • Location: Khamis, Saudi Arabia, Middle East
  • Categories: Aviation Maintenance
  • Contract Type: Full Time

Rob Webb

Contact Information
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  • Fax: (904) 264-0230

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