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Instructors will train foreign military students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to produce qualified technicians in their assigned specialties who are able to maintain aircraft systems, subsystems, support equipment, and/or provide logistics support and expertise with little or no supervision. Training shall provide students specialty Upgrade Training to elevate skills from 3-level to 5-level, 5-level to 7-level, on F-15SA aircraft, GE engines, and associated support services for the following specialty:  Fuels.

The Aircraft Fuels Instructor is responsible for providing teaching maintenance, repair, and testing of aircraft fuel systems, pylons, and components; and storage and documentation of external aircraft fuel tanks and conformal tanks as required.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

1.    Perform On-the-Job Training (OJT), administer Career Development Courses as required, and teach Field Training Detachment courses as required to upgrade RSAF 3-level technicians to 5-level technicians, 5-level technicians to 7-level technicians, and perform other related duties as assigned.

2.    The upgrade training will require hands-on demonstration and repair on and off the airframe or equipment as required for core and work center tasks in the Career Field Education and Training Plan (CFETP).

3.    Refuel/defuel aircraft to facilitate fuel system maintenance.

4.    Pickup and delivery of all items requiring maintenance.

5.    Notify base customers when fuel system maintenance is complete and ensure all safety procedures are followed and maintained.

6.    Support flightline personnel as requested.

7.    Responsible for repairing aircraft fuel system(s).

8.    Help perform all maintenance, repair and inspections of aircraft fuel systems and components.

9.    Perform all required inspections to ensure tanks are kept serviceable at all times.

10.  Provide maintenance of external fuel tanks, F-15SA conformal tanks (CFTs), pylons, and associated components.

11.  Ensure tanks are drained and purged of all fuel and vapors for ground shipment and ensure Air Force Technical Order Forms are properly documented.

Required educational/skills background:

  1. High School Diploma or equivalent.

2. Four years’ previous experience in F-15 aircraft fuels maintenance.

3. Possess craftsman (7-level) experience level in fuels systems maintenance.

4. Previous instructor qualification highly desired.

  • Location: Khamis, Saudi Arabia, Middle East
  • Categories: Aviation Maintenance
  • Contract Type: Full Time

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