Florida, United States

FAR 141 ‘Chief Flight Instructor’ position in FLORIDA

PLEASE NOTE: Please do not apply if you require visa sponsorship.  This position requires the candidate be able to work in the U.S. WITHOUT the need for visa sponsorship!  

This is a full time/direct hire position offering a competitive salary with full benefits package. 

Title:  FAR 141 Chief Flight Instructor

Employment location: Florida (city is confidential)

Job Summary:

The Chief Flight Instructor provides effective leadership and supervision of all Certificated Flight Instructors, and directly supervises all flight training courses and related instructional activities in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines and company’s policies. He or she will support the president and owner of the company and execute all company directives.  The Chief Flight Instructor should above all else prioritize safety and ensure flight operations safety remains the number one priority.  Under general direction, provides leadership and guidance for flight instructors; serves as a mentor to flight instructors and students; assists to ensure compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) in the training of students and the supervision and standardization of flight instructors; maintains accurate and comprehensive records, logbooks, syllabus/Training Course Outlines, and other documents as required by the Federal Aviation Administration and company’s Policies.  Oversees daily operations of flight school and employees and property assigned to the Flight Department.  Monitors compliance with local, state, and federal regulations and documents any observed safety violations or situations that may affect the safety of flight. Develop, conduct, and supervise administrative, standardization, in-service training, and instructor development programs as assigned. Perform duties as a stage check instructor as required.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Manages all Part 141 activities at all flight school locations – ensuring appropriate student and instructor record-keeping is up to date.
  • ensuring the course standards, training requirements, and objectives are met by all flight instructors and their assigned students as stipulated in the applicable Training Course Outline.
  • Initiates and supervises stage checks and student progress.
  • Responsible for the timely completion of required paperwork.
  • Responsible for FAA Part 141 Air Agency Certificate (FPQS990D) renewal each 24 calendar months.
  • Should, as appropriate, visit additional company flight school facilities once a week to check and ensure standards are being maintained.
  • Manage and verify all Flight Instructors’ time off requests.
  • Participate as a member of the Emergency Response Team.
  • Maintain a 90% or better pass rate in all Part 141 flight courses and at least an 80% pass rate average in all courses.
  • In cooperation with company’s Maintenance Management team, ensures that all aircraft are airworthy and properly maintained.
  • Serves as a liaison to associated junior colleges to ensure that all operations and reporting requirements are conducted in accordance with our provider agreement; attend college meetings as necessary at associated junior colleges to ensure the transfer of information from flight school to college and vice versa; ensure renewal contract negotiations are successfully completed.
  • Serves as the primary certifying official for the VA; responsible for all VA enrollments, documentation, training records, on-site inspections and VIB updates.
  • Ensure compliance with all TSA regulations.
  • Ensure compliance with all SEVIS regulations for the international students.
  • Recruits, interviews, and provides hiring recommendations for flight instructor positions.
  • Evaluates, counsels and mentors flight instructors and supervises flight instructor standardization.
  • Refers students for academic and performance counselling and disciplinary action but is not directly responsible for the disciplinary control of student pilots.
  • Evaluate and recommend curriculum and courseware improvements and develop new curriculum or courseware as required.
  • File and investigate incident reports as necessary to report and document any observed safety violations or situations that may affect the safety of flight.
  • Maintain currency through continuing education on all job-related functions/information.
  • Assist with special projects to include but not limited to: FAA, TSA and internal inspections and audits, TCO rewrites, changes to company’s operations manual, aircraft standardization manuals and personnel policies, participate in working groups and flight evaluation boards.

Job Requirements:

  • Must meet or exceed all requirements for Chief Flight Instructor as specified in FAR Part 141.35.
  • Must have the following valid and current certifications/licenses: FAA Certified Flight Instructor, Airplane Single Engine Land, Multi-Engine Land, Instrument Airplane and FAA Medical certificate.
  • Aircraft piloting skills including familiarity with and ability to perform required flight maneuvers and procedures.
  • Knowledge of and ability to apply effective instructional technique in the classroom and in flight.
  • Knowledge of appropriate Federal Aviation Regulations and company’s academic, administrative, and operational procedures and requirements.
  • Ability to work well under pressure in a fast-pace and noisy environment while exercising sound judgement, professional bearing and leadership at all times.



  • Location: Florida, United States
  • Categories: Pilot
  • Contract Type: Full Time

Sharon Ballgae

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