Japan, Asia

HH60G pilot – Okinawa, Japan

PLEASE NOTE: Please do not apply if you require visa sponsorship.  This position requires the candidate be able to work in the U.S. WITHOUT the need for visa sponsorship!  

This is a full time/direct hire position offering a competitive salary with full benefits package.

Title of position:  HH-60G Pilot 

Employment location:   Okinawa, Japan

**Secret Security Clearance required


Employer is currently staffing for HH-60G pilots who will serve as pilot/copilot and aircraft commander for Acceptance, Functional and Operational Check Flights, Support Flights; and Instructional Flights at Kadena AFB Okinawa Japan.

The work will include:

Functional Check Flights (FCF): The HH-60G helicopter is a maintenance intensive aircraft. An FCF is required after certain repairs have been completed to ensure the aircraft is airworthy and mission capable.

Operational Check Flights (OCF): In addition to the aircraft itself, various electronic components require flight checks after repair or replacement. Flight tests are often performed on operational line aircraft by available aircrews when other test aircrews are not available.

Emergency Services: On occasion, services may be required to support an activation or exercise of contingency plans outside the normal duty hours and locations described above. The team is frequently called upon to deploy its forces in response to humanitarian crises and joint exercises.

The tasks will include:

Perform Functional Check Flights (FCF), Operation Check Flights (OCF) and Acceptance Test Profiles (ATP) on HH-60G helicopters, after certain repairs have been completed to ensure the aircraft is airworthy and mission capable. Further definitions of FCF, OCF and ATP are defined in subsequent paragraphs.

Perform system ground and flight checkout activities.  Systems include, but are not limited to, forward-looking infra-red systems(FLIR), navigations systems, radio suites including over-the- horizon (OTH) radios, Situational Awareness Data Link (SADL), and defensive.

Accomplish maintenance flight checks of various electronic components after repair or replacement. These maintenance flight checks are necessary to ensure the required component is working properly and in unison with other systems.

May be tasked to support these operations in roles defined in the PWS.

Support in performing instruction/training duties to support unit personnel with basic Functional Check Flight (FCF) qualification training or basic aircraft currency (i.e. takeoff/landing, instrument approach and emergency procedure training).

Test operations shall be established, approved, and conducted in accordance with the provisions in AFJI 10-220, Contractor’s Flight Operations, the Contractor’s flight operations procedures manual, HH-60G aircraft operating technical orders and local base operating procedures. 33RQS/CC and the Government Flight Representative (GFR) will be responsible for the oversight and enforcement of Contractor compliance for flight operations.

Perform necessary program management tasks as required to document services rendered to the Government. Representative tasks shall include accomplishing ground and flight safety reviews and providing updated flight data, records, logs and other information, necessary to ensure compliance with AFJI 10-220.

Perform specific maneuvers during daylight visual conditions with a minimum three-man crew (two (2) pilots and one (1) engineer) that shall permit the evaluation of aircraft systems such as infrared sensors and the enhanced navigation system. Sunset to sunrise operations/flights shall be conducted under nighttime visual flight rules (VFR) and visual meteorological conditions (VMC) to evaluate cockpit night vision imaging systems (NVIS) lighting.

Will be certified in day VMC and instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) flight. The Contractor may be certified for night unaided flying at the discretion of the customer and required night training will be provided by the Government.


Active Secret Clearance

  • Must be able to meet applicable physical and physiological minimum requirements (e.g. flight physical, altitude chamber).
  • Must possess 1,000 hours first-pilot time in any H-60 model aircraft and 250 hours instructor time in the same. Must possess past  (within the last 48 months) or current designation as an aircraft commander in any H-60 model aircraft and a minimum of two (2) years instructional flight experience in the same. Prior FCF Certification (or equivalent) is highly desired but not required. The 33 RQS/CC may waive or reduce the flying hour or degree requirements.

Must also meet one of the following criteria:

  • Possess an undergraduate or higher degree in an aerospace related engineering or scientific discipline plus one (1) year of applicable functional check flight experience


  • Possess an undergraduate or higher degree in any other engineering or scientific discipline plus two (2) years of applicable functional check flight experience.


  • Possess an undergraduate or higher degree in any other non-engineering or non-scientific discipline plus three (3) years of applicable functional check flight experience.

Security Clearance


  • Location: Japan, Asia
  • Categories: Pilot

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