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Industrial Machinery Mechanic – Aircraft Depot Maintenance Facility Industrial Equipment


This billet requires a skilled mechanic with a diverse, knowledgeable background in the machinist and machinist maintenance trade techniques. This mechanic will perform troubleshooting, repair and preventive maintenance on complex non-conventional equipment.

Support shall include troubleshooting, repair, installation, removal, and modification of industrial equipment, utilities, production support equipment, ground support equipment, specialized tooling, and weight handling equipment.  Task areas include:  industrial maintenance support services.

This mechanic will perform complex mechanical repairs using micrometers, gage blocks, dial indicators, tachometers, and pyrometer.  Installs, relocates or rearranges, services, and place into initial operation shop equipment using hydraulic jacks, forklifts, and dollies. Works is performed using blueprints, technical publications, manufacturer bulletins and written or oral instructions.

This mechanic performs a variety of installation, repair, maintenance and related activities on a range of fixed and semi-fixed machinery and equipment of varying degrees. Types of equipment include, but are not limited to: foundry machines, heat treat ovens, blade bonding, test facilities, numerically controlled machines, air compressors, lathes and autoclaves. May be required to disassemble machinery and equipment for complete overhaul to rework aged or worn machinery and equipment, reassemble and test for satisfactory performance, realign, adjust clearances and work to close tolerances.

May be required to fabricate parts or improvises temporary repairs in order to facilitate the most expedient and economical method of repair with the least disruption of production in the affected area. May be required to perform repairs to vertical lift conveyors, hydraulic lifts, hydraulic test stands and aircraft component test stands.

In the performance of electronic duties this mechanic will perform the less complex electronic troubleshooting, maintenance and repair functions. Typical work assignments at this level include making visual checks for obvious damage, performing voltage checks, checking power supplies, and making the less complex repairs.

Required knowledge and skills:

This mechanic must possess the necessary skill required to install, troubleshoot, repair, overhaul, align, test, and maintain equipment and machinery such as vacuum test chambers (autoclave), vacuum furnaces (ABAR), multi-axis milling machines, lathes and other equipment capable of being operated in manual and semi-automatic mode.

This work requires the ability to read and interpret complex multi-view drawings, sketches manufacturers specifications, and other technical material to isolate malfunctions in such devices as hydraulic pumps and motors, speed reducers and multi-speed gearboxes.

Performs a variety of repairs to various types of gauges and flow meters used on engine component test stands. Requires knowledge of the operating electrical and electronic devices and controls involved and their interrelationship with mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic portions of machinery and equipment.

Must have a broad knowledge of mechanical principles and the ability to apply arithmetic and other practical shop mathematics including decimals and fractions.

Must use precision measuring instruments such as micrometers, depth gauges, verniers and precision levels, and digital indicators.

Must have a thorough knowledge of safety practices in handling of power tools, fixed and portable shop machinery.

Must possess at the worker level, knowledge of electrical and electronic theory; standardized shop practices and procedures, such as soldering procedures, and mechanical/electrical placement and hookup of parts and sub-assemblies in larger chassis and consoles.

Must possess familiarity with basic test equipment operation, such as multimeters to follow specified checkout procedures and compare readings with specified values is required.


Works alone or as part of a team under the direction of a work leader. This mechanic has the responsibility of independently diagnosing, planning, and completing projects or work orders involving major machine tools. May work alone or as part of a team. Proper care of tools, test equipment and critical spare parts are the responsibility of this mechanic. This mechanic instructs and reviews the work of subordinate workers assigned for assistance. The mechanic is responsible for providing feedback to management pertaining to possible or known deficiencies in a process or material utilized to produce a customer product.

Job requirements:

  1. Seven to nine (7-9) years’ experience in similar work.
  2. Must possess the ability to work independently, without technical guidance, to perform all tasks.
  3. Will be familiar with all relevant publications, directives and orders.

Required education & added skills background:                                                                     

1. High School Diploma or equivalent.

2. Shall be a U.S. citizen to ensure access to flight line work spaces, restricted areas (RA) and critical information systems via eligibility to attain and maintain a CAC card.

3. Must be able to pass a background check and be eligible to receive a U.S. Government Secret security clearance.

4. Must possess a valid state driver’s license if billet requires use of a government owned vehicle.

Physical Demands:

This position requires normal physical functions. Work may require frequent bending, reaching and climbing. May frequently lift and carry items weighing up to fifty pounds and occasionally lift heavier items with the assistance of other workers. Work may be performed on top or under equipment in cramped or awkward positions. Normal color perception required.

Work Environment (ADA):

May be required to work in areas in the hangar and on the flight line that are noisy and dusty. May be exposed to moderate discomforts, such as heat, cold and wind. May be required to wear personal protective equipment, when applicable.


  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Categories: Industrial Equipment Maintenance
  • Contract Type: Full Time

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