North Carolina, United States

MV-22 Osprey – Aircraft Mechanic II (CDQAR)


The Aircraft Mechanic II maintains repairs and modifies aircraft engine, auxiliary power unit, fuel system and propeller systems of moderate difficulty, maintains and repairs aircraft components including but not limited to engines, pneumatics, fuel systems, and mechanical components.  Applies technical knowledge of airframe and power plant systems in determining equipment malfunctions and applies required expertise in restoring equipment condition and or operation.

Applies comprehensive technical expertise to solve moderate to complex problems by interpreting technical documentation such as; blueprints or manufactures’ manuals.

Job Title: 

Aircraft Mechanic II

Task and Responsibilities:

1.  Must have a thorough knowledge of aircraft mechanical component troubleshooting, repair procedures and replacement of parts, requires broad knowledge of aircraft sheet metal/structural modifications and repair.

2.  Must have basic knowledge of electrical theory, must have thorough knowledge of aircraft unique tools such as test equipment, torque wrenches, dial indicators, micrometers.

3.  This job requires working knowledge of technical publications.

4.  The incumbent receives technical guidance, as required, from supervisor or higher-level technician and will occasionally be required to lead teams through more complex aircraft relevant tasks.

5.  May be required to make entries in aircraft logs and records.

6.  Must be able to prioritize workload to maintain schedules on assigned projects.

7.  Any and all other duties as assigned by the Program Manager.

Experience Requirement:

1.  Shall possess 5 years maintenance, modification, and repair experience of which 2 years of experience is required on V-22 aircraft, or possess equivalent industry experience such as Airframe and Power Plant (A&P) or Federal Communication Commission (FCC) license or greater.  Applicant will be required and must have the technical ability to qualify as a CDQAR on the MV-22.

2.  Must possess the ability to work independently, without technical guidance, to perform all tasks outlined in the Interactive Electronic Maintenance Manual (IETM).

3.  Will be familiar with all publications relevant to the maintenance of the MV-22 appropriate to the assignment and have a thorough practical and theoretical knowledge of the equipment/systems.

4.  Will possess knowledge of the learning process and how to transfer technical knowledge to less qualified personnel, including the ability to express thought in both oral and written communications.

5.  Shall possess a thorough understanding or become familiar and proficient with NALCOMIS OOMA automated maintenance documentation system within 90 days of employment.

6.  Shall be a U.S. citizen to ensure access to flight line work spaces and critical information systems.

7.  Must have prior experience and ability to attain the following certifications:

  • APU Qualified
  • Blade Fold Wing Stow (BFWS)
  • Brake Rider
  • Egress Certification
  • Tow Qualified
  • Fuel Surveillance, Flight Line (FL)

8. Will acquire all Support Equipment license that are required to perform daily tasks to include:

  • A/M42-2A Light Cart
  • A/S32A-45 Tow Tractor
  • BT-400-46 Pre-Heater (or legacy equivalent)
  • Flight Line Utility Vehicles (aka Mighty Mites)
  • ACU-20/M Air Compressor
  • 65A102-J1 Corrosion Cart

Required education & added skills background:

1.  High School Diploma or equivalent.

2.  Working knowledge of the COMNAVAIRFORINST 4790.2C

3.  Knowledge of Naval Aviation Maintenance Procedures (NAMP) publications and Maintenance Requirement Cards (MRCs).

4.  Ability to document maintenance utilizing the Naval Aviation Logistics Command Information System (NALCOMIS).

5.  Ability to troubleshoot engines, APU, secondary power and airframe related systems.

6.  Correctly use color-coded charts of aircraft plumbing.

7.  Correctly interpret schematic diagrams.

8.  Correctly interpret applicable technical data.

9.  Correctly demonstrate use and care of power tools, test equipment and precision measuring devices in the maintenance and repair of aircraft.

Physical Demands:

This position requires normal physical functions.  Work may require frequent bending, reaching and climbing.  May frequently lift and carry items weighing up to fifty pounds and occasionally lift heavier items with the assistance of other workers.  Work may be performed on top or under equipment in cramped or awkward positions, including the MV-22 cockpit.  Normal color/depth perception and no record of emotional instability are required.

Work Environment (ADA):

May be required to work in areas in or near a hangar/ flight line that may be noisy at times.  May be exposed to moderate discomforts, such as heat, cold and wind.  May be required to wear personal protective equipment when in or passing thru a hazardous area.


  • Location: North Carolina, United States
  • Categories: Aviation Maintenance
  • Contract Type: Full Time

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