Key West, Florida


PLEASE NOTE: This position requires that the candidate be able to work in the U.S. WITHOUT the need for sponsorship!

***This Position Requires an ACTIVE Secret Security Clearance ***


  • Performs Organizational and I-Level Maintenance NDI functions for scheduled/unscheduled maintenance IAW with the CNAFINST 4790.2B, DS2 SOI’s, MIL-STD-410E, and applicable T/M/S aircraft MIMs/Tech Pubs and TDs.
  • The Non Destructive Inspection (NDI) personnel assigned will be required to maintain proficiency IAW applicable Department of Defense and Navy standards for Non Destructive Inspections methods, which may include but are not limited to Eddy Current, Conductivity, Ultrasonic, Resonance, Dye Penetrant, Magnetic Particle and Radiography Inspections utilizing Navy/ DOD/commercial test standards and equipment on aeronautical and non-aeronautical equipment.
  • Must meet requirements for eyesight and physical dexterity to perform tasks.
  • Must be customer oriented.


  • Conduct NDI Inspections–Eddy Current, Conductivity, Ultrasonic, Resonance, Dye Penetrant, Magnetic Particle and Radiography Inspections utilizing Navy/ DOD/ commercial test standards and equipment on aeronautical and non-aeronautical equipment.
  • Interprets NDI results and reports them to appropriate authority.
  • Must be able to pass radiation physical.
  • Maintains required logs and records of work performed.
  • Keeps all NDI personnel training and history records up to date.
  • Ensures that all radiation badges are utilized when x-ray operations are in progress and monitors for exposure.
  • Ensure that radiation badge records are annotated as necessary.
  • Inspects, cleans and maintains assigned NDI equipment.
  • Report any irregularities to management.
  • Prepares aircraft for NDI inspections.
  • Coordinates site preparation for NDI activities.
  • Ensures all safety mechanisms on NDI equipment are in place and operable.
  • Coordinates placement of barrier monitors.
  • Ensures work area is maintained in a neat and orderly manner and that all safety rules and regulations are observed.
  • May work with other groups or personnel to resolve problems.
  • May have to assist in training in NDI Methods.
  • Will have experience writing with clarity and technical accuracy.
  • Be capable of becoming Plane Captain certified when directed my management.
  • Perform other tasks as directed by management.
  • Provides technical assistance, guidance and instruction as required.
  • Maintains and/or completes required records.
  • Become CDI/CDQAR certified as directed by management to perform collateral duty inspection assignments.
  • Performs daily duties normally associated with this specialty.
  • Practice good housekeeping, tool control, FOD awareness/prevention and safety at all times.
  • Assists in aircraft/equipment movement and flight line foreign object prevention walks.
  • Comply with Hazardous Waste Program.
  • Operates SE, flight line vehicles and other support equipment as required.
  • Qualified to perform corrosion detection, treatment, prevention and documentation per customer/management instructions/directions on aircraft and associated equipment.
  • Annotates maintenance actions in aircraft forms and VIDS/MAF, Work Orders in NALCOMIS/OOMA.
  • Will have knowledge of and understand basic supply procedures. Assist with ordering parts, tools, materials and equipment as required.
  • Must comply with established General and Industrial Safety Rules and Regulations as applicable to the contract, facilities and job assignment.
  • Keeps shop area clean and participate in daily hanger cleanups


  • Certification of all NDI personnel in the radiographic, ultrasonic, eddy current, magnetic particle, and liquid penetration methods shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-410E.
  • Must have aircraft maintenance experience within the last two years.
  • Must possess a state’s driver license.
  • Must be able to communicate clearly and concisely to prepare and present on-the-job maintenance training and technical briefings.
  • The mechanic will be capable of cross-training into or assist other specialties as directed by management. All mechanics must be capable of becoming Plane Captain certified when directed by management IAW a Government approved certification program for each TMS of aircraft.
  • Must possess or be able to obtain a secret clearance.
  • Must read, write, speak, and understand English.
  • High school graduate or equivalent. 


  • Driver’s License
  • Egress/Explosive System Checkout
  • Corrosion Control
  • Support Equipment Operator
  • Tow Supervisor/Tow Brake Operations
  • NDI Certification
  • Plane Captain Certification/Final Checker
  • Emergency Reclamation
  • Tow Supervisor/Tow Brake Operations
  • Respirator
  • CPR Certification
  • Barrier monitor



  • Location: Key West, Florida
  • Categories: Aviation Maintenance
  • Contract Type: Full Time

Marc Ballgae

Contact Information
  • Call: (904) 264-0097
  • Fax: (904) 264-0230

Aviation Recruiting, Inc.
1845 Town Center Boulevard, Suite 350
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