Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Middle East

Aircraft Structural Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  • Required to project manage engineering modification. A large proportion of time will be spent proactively planning and organizing resources within the RSAF to ensure tasks are completed to meet project timescales, which often are dependencies for other projects
  • Plan for the involvement of other agencies from within the RSAF and its associated programs
  • Responsive to RSAF inputs and requirements, both immediate and long term is essential with the RSAF demanding the highest quality in all cases
  • Rationalize all inputs and coordinate outputs to achieve maximum co-operation and support
  • Responsible to the AES Commander to provide day to day advice on matters pertaining to structural engineering for all RSAF aircraft, including but not limited to: F-15, Typhoon, Tornado, Boeing 707, C-130, Bell 212/412, Cougar and UAV’s
  • Required to produce engineering drawings, engineering reports, test plans and Time Compliance Technical Orders in detail from data which he will be responsible for defining and collecting Daily verbal briefings and presentations will be given to the Director and/or Team Manager
  • Must comply with all RSAF safety directives and instructions
  • Diplomacy, tact, flexibility and adaptability are required along with a flair for rapid and accurate appraisal of problems
  • Remain aware of the varied cultural and political nuances when dealing with customers from many nations
  • Required to create original designs for engineering solutions that demand imaginative innovation and extensive planning
  • Required to be flexible to deal with a wide range of problems with rapidly changing priorities emanating from a number of different sources
  • Required to act under his/her own initiative, developing a sound understanding of RSAF requirements, which are often not fully defined
  • Must have excellent organizational qualities
  • Provide a primary point of contact for all RSAF structural engineering issues
  • Enhance RSAF engineering authority capability with regards to structural engineering
  • Provide advice and prepare guidelines on engineering matters
  • Create engineering drawings using 3-D and 2-D design software
  • Produce design data as required for the manufacture and assembly of aircraft structures and systems
  • Research and review engineering data (drawings, reports, manuals, ) defining aircraft structure or systems in support of design work
  • Support other engineering groups as workload requirements dictate
  • Develop expertise on aircraft design concepts, industry design standards, regulations and drafting techniques consistent with workload environment
  • Review and recommend RSAF authorizations of engineering modifications. Progress approval of improvement initiatives through external design organizations and technical authorities.
  • Evaluate and perform cost benefit analysis of improvement initiatives
  • Create original designs and supervise embodiment of modifications to existing systems (aircraft and ground equipment)
  • Design repairs for damaged a i m f i structure consistent with military specifications (MILSPEC) and industry standards. Produce detailed drawings and identify skillset, tools, equipment and materials to accomplish those repairs
  • Provide training to RSAF counterparts and instruct technicians in the correct techniques to be adopted in carrying out repairs
  • Play an active part in the RSAF self-sufficiency program by participating in the establishment of a training program for RSAF personnel, including on-the-job training and the preparation and teaching of classroom courses in engineering functions
  • Perform stress analysis (e.g. to substantiate integrity of repaired structure) and provide advice on matters relating to aircraft stressing
  • Perform integration, test and instructional tasks
  • Investigate aircraft systems related problems affecting fleet performance and devise innovative solutions, Monitor test programs and evaluate test data to identify problems and/or to verify performance
  • Participate in accident Conducts the damage assessment on aircraft following incidents and produces reports on the findings. Evaluate and provide recommendations on major defect and aircraft incident reports
  • Design support equipment for local manufacture g. transport dollies, stands, racks
  • Perform evaluation and Participate in research, development and. implementation of programs to improve safety, reliability and maintainability
  • Develop system testing procedures and documentation to verify performance to specification requirements
  • Participate in acceptance testing of aircraft & equipment
  • Prepare staff correspondence to organizations internal and external to the RSAF
  • Support RSAF officers at meetings and participate in design and program management reviews
  • Travel as necessary, by military aircraft if required, in accomplishment of the task

Job Qualifications:


  • Engineering Degree BEng (Hans) in Structural Engineering or related discipline, e.g. Mechanical/Aeronautical Engineering
  • Master’s Degree or higher (Chartered Engineer status is desirable)
  • A minimum of 10 years of experience in aircraft structural design engineering

Essential Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of standard aircraft components, materials, composites, metals, fabrication practices, aviation hardware, integration and proper applications in design with a thorough understanding of the use and application of aircraft technical data
  • Knowledge of engineering principles used in stress analysis, 3D computer modeling and other analytical substantiation techniques
  • Experience utilizing CAD software and/or 3D modeling software with obvious and demonstrable proficiency
  • Experience in engineering management with a thorough knowledge of engineering authority processes
  • Working knowledge of international regulation and policy for military and civil aviation as well as International Trade in Arms Regulations (ITAR) compliance and conformance
  • Practical knowledge of workshop practices and procedures
  • A basic understanding of aircraft systems, their function and operation
  • Broad appreciation of military aircraft design with specific experience in the design and development of aircraft structural engineering The aircraft structural applications will be the focus of knowledge for fatigue index analysis, structural integrity inspections, authorized structural modifications and updates, and engineering analysis of aircraft platforms
  • Able to develop and integrate concepts that involve requirements, design, prototyping, production, testing, training and logistics support in all phases of the weapon system life cycle, including all aspects of technical program that’ involve trade-off of performance, lifecycle cost, risk, producibility, supportability, testability and other engineering requirements
  • Possess knowledge of engineering principles used in stress analysis, 3D computer modeling and other analytical substantiation techniques
  • Good written and verbal communication skills in the English language
  • Strong leadership qualities with proven interpersonal and team working skills
  • Computer literate and an experienced user of AutoCAD and- the Microsoft Office suite of programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project)

Desirable Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of aviation qualify systems, airworthiness, airframe engineering, aircraft control systems, aircraft avionic systems, design engineering, manufacturing, project / program management, systems engineering, test engineering and aircraft systems integration
  • A good all-round awareness of RSAF processes and procedures
  • A good all round awareness of RSAF programs, Suppliers, OEM, Government to Government Standard Agencies, International Standards Agencies and academic/research establishments
  • Use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs such as CATIA, Solidworks, etc.

  • Location: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Middle East
  • Categories: Aviation Maintenance, Engineer, Operations / Management
  • Contract Type: Full Time

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