Aviation Instructors and Technical Training Solutions

Aviation Recruiting provides our US and international customers with a wide range of training instructors to include maintenance of aircraft systems, subsystems, support equipment and specific technical training. We offer specific technical training instructors for various models of USAF fixed wing aircraft to include C-130, F-15, F-16, and AWACS, as well as rotary platforms. Systems and technical training ranges from USAF 3-Level skill standards, through advanced 7-Level Craftsman training.

Aviation Recruiting maintains high standards and produces instructors, supervisors, and technicians of the highest quality in the following Aircraft Maintenance & Operations occupational fields and specialties:


The recruiting team at Aviation Recruiting has the technology and experience as aerospace headhunters to identify and provide unique solutions for your aviation staffing needs. Get started with us today by completing the questionnaire on our Aviation Staffing Solutions Page. We will help you find the perfect candidate for your aviation industry employment opportunity.