How to Create a ‘Tailored Resume’ and Why

Posted by Sharon Ballgae   May 19, 2017   Categories: Career Tips and Advice   Tags: career placement, employment opportunity, job, resume advice, resume tips  

In my previous post I mentioned “tailoring” a resume. What did I mean? Why it is so important? How is it done? A good, effective resume is the ticket to scoring an interview. It speaks for you; introducing you to the employer, highlighting your talents and experience (what you bring to the table), and convincing […]

How Do I Find a Job?

Posted by Sharon Ballgae   May 19, 2017   Categories: Aviation News, Career Tips and Advice   Tags: career advice job tips resume  

After nearly 20 years placing talent with some of the world’s largest and most influential aviation and aerospace companies, I am constantly asked by professionals of all levels the most basic of questions – “How do I start and succeed at finding a new job?” Although my answer (and processes) may vary slightly depending upon […]

Current Global Pilot Shortage Can’t be Solved by Past Practices

Posted by Sharon Ballgae   May 2, 2017   Categories: Aviation News   Tags: aviation, pilot jobs, pilot shortage  

The world is now experiencing an unprecedented and debilitating global pilot shortage that experts predict will last for decades. Simply put, there are just not enough pilot candidates in flight schools to meet today’s demand for pilots, nor are there enough to fill increasing future needs.