Sharon Ballgae


Sharon’s extensive knowledge and experience in the field of aviation makes her the perfect leader for such an excellent and aviation based team of professional recruiters.

Sharon holds a BS in Aeronautical Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and a MS in Mechanical Engineering from Florida State University. After completing her education, Sharon spent a number of years in the USAF as an aircraft maintenance officer where she acquired extensive aviation experience. From engineering, to maintenance/operations, to logistics and personnel management, to engine and aircraft maintainability, to FAA compliance regulations, her experience in the field of aviation runs the gamut. In addition to her aviation background, Sharon is a talented IT specialist. As her service in the USAF wound down, Sharon’s expertise was highly sought after by giants in the fields of aviation and information technology, and she seamlessly transitioned into the civilian world. Sharon is an accomplished leader in the IT field with over 10 years senior IT experience as a Director, VP, CTO, and Executive VP for prominent technology companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, and Corbis.

Following a move to Florida, Sharon and her husband Marc initially formed Aviation Recruiting LLC as a vehicle to help aviation personnel successfully navigate the transition from the military to civilian life, but quickly and seamlessly morphed into providing services to the civilian and commercial aviation / aerospace industries.